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Olympic skier's child custody battle heats up

Chicago readers may have following the continuing child custody saga between Olympic skier Bode Miller and the mother of his 13-month-old son. The child's mother lives in New York, while Miller lives in California. Currently, the boy's mother has custody of him and was supposed to retain custody throughout the month of April. But after the boy spent five weeks under Miller's care in California and was returned to his mother's care, the mother claimed the child did not recognize her. A custody hearing has been set for April 21.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin to divorce

Although any divorce has the potential to become complex, this may be especially true for a high asset divorce. As many in Chicago residents may have heard, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin are getting a divorce. And one of the interesting factors in their divorce are the couple's many assets.

New bill could affect visitation time for parents in Illinois

When going through a divorce, one issue parents usually must face is how to determine child custody. These decisions can sometimes be difficult to make, especially if each parent wants to spend as much of their time as is possible with their child.

Lifestyle clauses becoming more common in prenuptial agreements

Many Illinois residents are familiar with prenuptial agreements, even if they do not have one themselves. Prenuptial agreements -- or even postnuptial agreements entered into after the marriage has taken place -- are convenient tools for laying out who-gets-what in the event of a divorce. Yet a recent trend in prenuptial agreements are taking it one step further and including what are known as lifestyle clauses.

Child support delinquency could be a felony under new bill

Families all across Illinois rely on child support payments to help provide for their child. So when timely payments are not made it could not only be detrimental to the receiving parent but it could also have serious consequences for the paying parent as well.

Divorce can have a significant impact on the family business

It is not unusual for married spouses in Chicago to work hand-in-hand in running a family business. Doing so requires much compromise and cooperation. That being said, sometimes it is best for a married couple to end their marriage. However, does this automatically mean the end of the family business?

Relocation and its effect on child custody

There comes a time for many parents in Chicago when they have to move. Perhaps the move is due to a new job opportunity or to be closer to family. However, these moves can be especially tricky when child custody arrangements are involved.

Not all fathers who can't pay child support are 'deadbeat dads'

The label of the "deadbeat dad" is prevalent in our nation's culture. In fact it is assumed by some in Chicago that deadbeat dads purposely fail to pay child support, perhaps to get revenge on the child's mother or simply because they do not want to support their child. However this is far from the truth.

Avoiding a tax audit following a divorce

When a couple in Chicago goes through a divorce, they may have many things on their mind. What they may not be thinking of, however, is the possibility of a tax audit following a divorce. However, this is one thing that couples should keep in mind, to avoid further complications down the road.

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