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Divorce legal issues to consider for a strong financial future

With a few exceptions, divorce is rarely easy. Emotions often run on high and disputes can break out over seemingly minor issues. Yet, there is a reason many divorces are contentious. In addition to emotional loss, many divorcing parties are facing an uncertain financial future. If a divorce, whether high asset or not, is not handled properly, then an individual may be starting his or her life on rocky financial footing. Therefore, it is important for Chicagoans to recognize the various financial issues that should be addressed during a divorce.

One of the most overlooked areas related to post-divorce finances is estate planning. Those who get divorced should be sure to change their beneficiaries, as failing to do so could result in an ex-spouse inheriting a significant portion of an individual's assets.

Prenuptial agreements can make a divorce run smoother

When a couple in Illinois is celebrating their marriage, the last thing they may want to think about is whether they should have created a prenuptial agreement. Yet with approximately 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, creating a prenuptial agreement can be a good choice to make.

Basketball star seeks paternity test

Paternity tests are important. Very important. They can prove a man in is the father of a child, which comes with certain responsibilities. While a father of a child in Chicago may be required to pay child support, they also have the right to visitation or custody of their child. These are questions being contemplated by a basketball player for the Indiana Pacers.

Social media prenuptial agreements -- a new trend?

Most people in Chicago expect prenuptial agreements to cover things such as what who gets what property after a divorce, what debts a spouse will be shielded from should the marriage end and what financial responsibilities each party will have while they remain married. Yet in this day and age there is another clause that is becoming increasingly popular: the social media prenuptial agreement.

Overcoming emotions to successfully co-parent

Many parents in Chicago that are going through a divorce may wish to provide their children with a healthy and happy environment to grow up in after the dissolution is complete. To achieve this, some parents have set up co-parenting plans. These plans usually allow parents to have joint custody of their child, where they each have a say in how the child will be raised. These plans also set into place a child custody plan that allows the child to have a strong and fulfilling bond with each of their parents.

Relocating after a divorce with a child requires careful thought

After a divorce many parents in Chicago may try to live relatively close together, in order to easier facilitate the transfer of the child between homes or visitation periods. But sometimes, something happens that would cause a parent to relocate to another state. Perhaps it is a new job opportunity, to be closer to family or a new marriage. Whatever the reason, relocating with a child after a divorce can be complicated.

What happens to stay-at-home parents after a divorce?

Having kids can change a person's life forever. In some families, one of the parents will decide to leave their job, even if it is a high-paying job, and stay home to raise the children. Of course, just like any other family decision, there are pluses and minuses to leaving the workforce.

Is there an alternative to prenuptial agreements?

Despite the fact that prenuptial agreements are a good way for individuals in Chicago to protect their assets in should their marriage come to an end, some couples who are happily in love may not want to even think of the possibility of a divorce. For these couples, there may be another option: a domestic asset protection trust.

Fathers' rights and the role of the primary caretaker

Paternity is an important issue for many men in Illinois. By establishing paternity, fathers may be responsible for financially supporting their child. On the other hand, establishing paternity also gives fathers the right to have visitation or with or even shared custody of their child.

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